Our Can Solutions

Can Industry: Our Expert Air Solutions

Delta NEU has been a part of the global can making industry for many years with extensive experience in the manufacture of beverage cans, food cans and can ends with scrap extraction, oil mist, dust filtration and ventilation.

NEU Solutions for the Can Making Industry

Each project has specifically engineered systems to meet the needs of the plant layout and process machine types. The installations all use products from the stand Delta NEU product range, used in numerous other industrial applications.

Whilst the primary objective is always ensuring the prolific production speeds can be reliably achieved, internal and external environmental limits must be met in the fan system exhausts and maximum recycling of the can scrap and cooling oil are all critical factors.

As the systems are exported extensively, and often installed by the customer, we take pride in designing our systems so that they can be erected with the minimum of support, packed for efficient and safe transportation and labelled to enable easy location and identification of parts during the installation phase.

Extensive control systems are included to enable operation with process machinery interface using PLC logic, HMI screens and fan motor inverter control.

Materials of construction will reflect the can material, steel or aluminium.