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Spares and Service - Direct Line 0161 482 2100

DELTA NEU Services has experience in Ventilation Systems, Dust Extraction, Process Waste Extraction and Filtration.

We can offer you various packages including: -

Service Inspection Reports

With maintenance departments under pressure to keep up with increased production in an ever-decreasing time frame, the reports DELTA NEU can offer provide a valuable insight to Service Managers.

We have many satisfied customers from many types of industry, all of whom have benefited from this method of reporting.

Various checks on condition of plant are carried out on individual separators, filters, and fans.

The seperators, filters or fans are then itemised and locations given, enabling the customer to easily pinpoint any potential problem area; this can be especially useful in areas critical to production.

Extent of Work

We would visit your site on an annual/bi-annual basis and carry out an inspection and subsequently report on the following: -

The above are just an example of some of the checks we would carry out.


Any minor rectification work that may arise during the service inspection i.e. (re- tensioning of belts or greasing of bearings) would be carried out on the day.

A full and comprehensive report would be issued indicating the various checks made and remarks of condition and rectification where applicable.

DELTA NEU SERVICES has had many years dealing with the needs of our customers and appreciate, from valuable experience, that “prevention is better than cure!” These reports give a good indication of any problems that may lie ahead, ensuring that rectification work can be planned with the minimum of inconvenience, thus saving on costly downtime should the process fail


As you are probably aware, all local exhaust ventilation systems (LEV) are required by law to be surveyed every 14 months (nominally annually) to confirm their continued suitability to provide operator protection. In addition to undertaking these surveys on our installations, recent changes in the HSE requirements in terms of documentation can be supported.

DELTA NEU SERVICES can visit your site on an annual basis and carry out the following: -

General Service work

Should you require any rectification work to be carried out on your filters and fans (i.e. filter re-bag, chopper fan blades replaced, etc) then we would be only too pleased to assist you.


Direct spares line: 0161 482 2100


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