High Tech Dust Extraction

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High Tech Dust Extraction

The new generation Airbus A350XWB aircraft is under construction with the UK manufacturing arm now delivering the advanced wing design. This new wing is built primarily from carbon fibre composites and requires new techniques and demands the highest standards levels of dust control and cleanliness for the quality and Safety of the workforce.

The manufacturing methods employ high standard automated drilling processes which rely on complex multi-point, multi-user extraction systems. During the various stages of production the number and location of operators on the wing varies continuously although the extraction must remain constant. The drilling equipment used is regularly test calibrated and the purpose built workshop includes similar LEV dust extraction and oil mist filtration systems. These installations include energy saving features at part of the award winning low energy Airbus building.

DELTA NEU is delighted to continue to be involved in such a prestigious contract

Peter Dowell, 14th November, 2012

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