DELTA NEU install new CRM system

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DELTA NEU install new CRM system

DELTA NEU has recently installed a modern CRM system to manage their extensive client database. CRM software represents Client Relationship Management and is the spine of DELTA NEU’s method for business development throughout 2013. The database software acts to bring all the business’ processes into one manageable location so that an instant overview of the company’s performance is readily available. Since introducing the CRM to the team at DELTA NEU, communications have been more efficient as all client portfolios are now interchangeable between engineers and previous/future Health and Safety records and Service dates are now also featured on the software so information should never be missed. Latest news articles and client locations are also easily accessible on the database and clients operating within groups are shown clearly ensuring that any changes are tracked and altered promptly so all information sent out is current and up to date. Future orders are processed helping with the Accounts Department and for the Marketing Team the software is invaluable due to the ease of email marketing campaigns and instant history of email conversations between clients. The development and installation of this product was performed by DELTA NEU’s newly appointed Marketing and Business Development Co-ordinator Adam Calland and also a key partnership with Bluebird CRM, an award winning midlands based company. Will Ingleby, Director & Sage ACT! Certified Product Specialist has said the following about the partnership with DELTA NEU in the installation of the CRM.

“It’s been a refreshing experience to work with Adam and DELTA NEU management during the implementation of the CRM solution. This is largely because the business had clearly defined a CRM strategy and management could articulate how it was going to help them ultimately deliver a premium quality service to their clients. We find that, without exception, our most successful projects are those where our client has a clear vision for business improvement. This was certainly the case with DELTA NEU. We were able to build a partnership with them that was clearly focused around accurate data management. The emphasis was placed upon supporting client-facing staff in their day to day activities as well as empowering marketing and enabling tactical decision making”.

Will Ingleby, Director & Sage ACT! Certified Product Specialist,


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