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Corrugated Packaging

The corrugated packaging industry has seen great advances in production technology in the last couple of decades. Our air handling systems have adapted in line with these changes and continue to play a vital role in the manufacture of corrugated products including board, packaging and cartons.

DELTA NEU specialises in designing bespoke waste extraction, dust control and ventilation systems that work in conjunction with all leading brands of corrugated converting equipment. Our integrated systems are designed to ensure the highest level of product quality by optimising equipment performance, efficiency and throughput.

DELTA NEU Managing Director Peter Dowell says: “Today, the corrugated industry’s major players run high tech multi-million pound manufacturing facilities, featuring cutting edge print and production equipment in a clean food standard environment.”

He adds: “In this highly complex production environment, continuous operation of manufacturing equipment is crucial to productivity and profitability. We understand the overriding need for minimal disruption and downtime during the installation of a new air handling system.”

DELTA NEU’s engineering team is highly skilled in planning and co-ordinating on-site commissioning. Our aim is to complete the equipment installation process without forced stoppages or unplanned shutdown of production whenever possible.


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