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DELTA NEU has over 40 years’ experience in the can making industry, working with major manufacturers across the globe. Our bespoke air handling systems play a critical role in food and beverage can manufacture.

Our experienced engineers are highly skilled, with an in-depth knowledge of can production. We design integrated extraction systems to work in conjunction with all types of manufacturing equipment, including body makers and presses for cupping, shell and ends.

In aluminium beverage can manufacturing the high-speed can making process generates a significant quantity of waste material, including skeleton lattice and off-cuts. Scrap aluminium in this format has a lower value than baled material, due to its volume and the associated cost of transportation.

Baling presses are designed to convert large amounts of regular waste aluminium into compacted blocks for cost effective recycling. However, some waste aluminium generated in can ends production is unsuitable for a conventional baling process due to the small size of the material. Converting this waste aluminium into small briquettes maximises its value by minimising handling costs and reducing scrap volume by a factor of 20 to one.

DELTA NEU designs air handling solutions that work in conjunction with major brands of aluminium baling press and briquette systems.

Waste extraction hoods are installed at key points in the can manufacturing process, with fully automated vacuum extraction provided by our robust Chopperline Fan, which handles all sizes of aluminium trimmings and can material. The scrap aluminium is then transferred to a baling press in a centralised reclamation area for recycling.

DELTA NEU Managing Director Peter Dowell says: “In the can making industry, an efficient waste extraction and recycling system has a direct impact on overall production efficiency and profit margins.”

He adds: “The increased revenue gained from recycling all scrap aluminium will offset the cost of investing in a waste extraction system and baling or briquette press, either through equipment leasing or capital purchase.”

To find out more about how DELTA NEU helps the can making industry to boost efficiency and increase revenue, contact: [email protected].


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