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Bespoke extraction systems play a crucial role in beverage can manufacture. Our experienced engineers are highly skilled, with an in-depth knowledge of can production. We design integrated extraction systems to work in conjunction with all types of can manufacturing equipment.

The high-speed aluminium can manufacturing process generates a significant quantity of waste material, including skeleton lattice and off-cuts. The effectiveness of the production line’s waste extraction and recycling system has a direct impact on overall efficiency and profit margins.

The efficient design and reliable operation of a waste extraction system is critical to the can manufacturing process. Our systems feature purpose designed waste extraction hoods located at key points on the production line.

Fully automated vacuum extraction is provided by our robust Chopperline Fan, which handles all sizes of aluminium trimmings and waste material. The scrap aluminium is then transferred via a dynamically balanced ductwork system to a product separator. It is then discharged to an aluminium baling press in a centralised reclamation area for recycling.

Oil mist filtration systems use vacuum extraction to transfer coolant-laden air from the can body making process and transfer conveyors to a central point. A liquid separator and oil mist filer collects waste coolant for recycling in the can making process, before filtered air is exhausted outside the building.

The ink mist extraction systems remove waste ink from multiple points in the can decorating process. Air is passed through a liquid separator and filtration system to collect ink residue, before clean air is exhausted externally.


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